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The ozone layer continues to be threatened

Latest studies by NASA's Goddard Space Center showed that chemicals are still being sent into atmosphere, chemicals that lead to ozone depletion.

Although many restrictions were imposed internationally many years ago, the ozone layer continues to be threatened.

Following the Montreal Protocol, many bans were established to prevent ozone depletion, limiting the use of compounds that have an impact on the ozone layer.

Recent research has shown that carbon tetrachloride emanations continue, although it should be zero. The measurements confirm an amount of about 39 kilotons per year, 30% of the peak reached before establishing international ban.

Montreal Protocol was adopted in 1987 and aimed at reducing the chemical compounds responsible for ozone depletion, including carbon tetrachloride. By 2007, the Signatories of the Protocol reported zero harmful emissions. Reality contradicts this.

"We should not be seeing this. Apparently, it's often about industrial spills, releases from contaminated sites or from unknown sources," said lead researcher Liang Qing.