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The benefits of practicing meditation

How meditation can enrich your life

Meditation can help us to gain clarity of mind and cultivate emotional positivity, enabling us to handle life’s ups and downs and unexpected events in more creative and effective ways.

Through regular practice we can get to know and understand ourselves better, which then gives us a lot more choice in our lives, since we have actually paid some honest attention to how we really feel.

Positive ‘side effects’ experienced outside of actual meditation time can be:

  • reduced stress
  • more flowing energy
  • greater awareness in our relationships with others
  • clearer concentration
  • better sleep
  • more finely-tuned physical awareness
  • and it is said, we may look younger and more beautiful!

Meditation on the move

Many people find activities like running and swimming give them a space for reflection and bring greater feelings of physical and emotional wellbeing. Meditation complements physical action with an experience of alive, focused stillness, which can open up a deepening dimension of self-awareness in the experience of physical exercise. This can be very nourishing and enjoyable.

It may sound strange but meditation is actually a very physical activity, as becoming aware and letting go of tensions in our body can have a powerful effect on our emotional experience, and vice versa. Our body, emotions and thoughts are intimately connected, and meditation can bring a sharper focus to our awareness of this.

Ultimately meditation is about an attitude or way of being, comprising being awake to the present moment in an honest and open-hearted way.