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Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo is known to be one of the world's most spectacular zoos.  It is an "open" zoo that uses natural barriers like streams, rock and plants that separate visitors from the animals, and yet allow them to be close enough as if part of the animal kingdom.  Spreading over 28 hectares, it is home to over 3,600 mammals, birds and reptiles, including rare and endangered species.

Today, the zoo is a model of the 'open zoo' concept.

The animals are kept in spacious, landscaped enclosures, separated from the visitors by either dry or wet moats.

The moats are concealed with vegetation or dropped below the line of vision. In the case of dangerous animals which can climb very well, moat barriers are not used. Instead, these animals are housed in landscaped glass-fronted enclosures.

Among various attractions that the zoo offers,one highlight is the "Breakfast with an Orangutan" programme that allows visitors to meet and interact closely with the orangutans in the zoo, amongst which includes the famous primate matriarch Ah Meng, (died on February 8, 2008) who was an icon of the Singapore tourism industry. Animal shows, as well as token feedings coupled with live commentaries by keepers, are also the daily staple in the Singapore zoo.

The zoo also offers various modes of rides available within the premises: trams, animals, boat, pony and horse carriage rides. Additional modes of transportation which can only be rented include: strollers, wagon and wheelchairs.

At present, the zoo holds four shows. The "Rainforest Fights Back" show is housed in the Shaw Amphitheatre, the main amphitheatre within the zoo. Actors and performers act alongside the animals: in-show, a villainous poacher attempts to mow down a section of tropical rainforest for land development, and is foiled by the native people and the animals of the rainforest (orang-utans, lemurs, pea-fowls, otters and cockatiels).

The "Elephants at Work and Play" show demonstrates how elephants are used as beasts of burden in south-east Asian countries. The animal caretakers are referred to as mahouts, and the show simulates how a mahout would instruct an elephant to transport logs or kneel down so that they can be mounted.

The "Splash Safari" show showcases the zoo's aquatic mammals and birds. Seals and sealions perform tricks and pelicans demonstrate how they catch fish in their beaks, while manatees swim in the pond below.

The "Animal Friends" show, housed in the Kidzworld amphitheater in the zoo's childrens' section, features mostly domesticated animals such as dogs and parrots performing tricks.