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Shreyas doesBig B's 'Desh Premee' act

The actor Shreyas Talpade from Welcome to Sajjanpur has recreated Big B’s look for his upcoming comedy Hum Tum Shabana. He will attempt to re-create the hit song 'Tane Din Tandana' in his latest comedy.

This rivalry love triangle film is inspired by iconic actor Amitabh Bachchan's on-screen antics of wooing a girl.  Shreyas Talpade will throw on the outfit of a coconut seller with a toothbrush moustache and attempt to re-create Big B's hit song.

While Bachchan was trying to impress Hema Malini with his comical black-belt, dhoti [sarong] and vest get-up, Talpade and Kapoor both have their eyes on winning over Minnisha Lamba on a beach in the beautiful mad comedy. In the process they do anything and everything to get the Minissha attention.

"The song is the fun title track of the film. We had an idea to style the song using Bollywood's cult images. That led to Shreyas dressed as Mr Bachchan's cult coconut seller avatar in Desh Premee," said producer Sunil Chainani in a statement.

 “Shreyas does all sorts of comic antics to woo Minissha as Mr. Bachchan tried in the film for Hema Malini…It is sure to garner a lot of laughs!”

Now get ready for a special treat in the theater Hum Tum Shabana, co-produced by Horseshoe Pictures and Alliance Entertainment, the film is due for release on 23rd September 2011.