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Samsung dethroned on the Chinese market

In the largest market of the world a change of leadership took place.  


Xiaomi Corp. tripled supplies to the Chinese market for the last quarter, thus displacing giant Samsung. The company based in Beijing succeeded in just four years of existence to become the biggest player in Asia, delivering 15 million of devices on the market in China last quarter.

Samsung shipped 13.2 million smartphones, covering 12% of the market, while competitor Xiaomi covered 14% of the smartphone market in China.

Apple remains one of the top 10 foreign producers, the company increasing its shipments by 58% in the Asian state after partnering with China Mobile.

Xiaomi won users by offering cheaper smartphones but multiple applications focused on countries such as China, India, Russia. "Xiaomi has the potential to become a force to be considered outside of China and international vendors should be watching them," said Jessica Kwee, an analyst at Canalys.