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Porsche Panamera S E - Hybrid

With a plug-in function, the latest launched Porsche Panamera is a combination between luxury sports sedan and a battery car.

The hybrid with 416 hp is $6,500 more than the original model without the new addition. The final price reaches $133,000.

Even though they look exactly the same, the cheaper model and the new one have some significant differences. Besides the color, the interior and exterior design that are the same for both cars, the new Panamera includes acid green highlights around the logo and acid green brake calipers.

The Hybrid doubled up on the horsepower out of its electric motor, making a jump from 47bhp to 95bhp. It’s also, very simple to charge it. After plugging it to a regular socket the car is ready in 4.2 hours or two hours if you use the industrial plug option.

Another reason for driving a Hybrid, especially this one, is that it costs you five times cheaper than a car with petrol fueled engine.

As for the luxury experience, the Hybrid version of Porsche Panamera offers a calmer ride and quite an impressive passenger experience.

The car has Sport and Sports Plus mode, but the latter can’t be run electrically and the top speed is limited to 270 km/h.