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Nokia to launch low-cost Android phone

According to recent news, Nokia plans to unveil the new Smartphone at the Mobile World Congress conference, which will take place in Barcelona on February 24-27.

The report published in the Wall Street Journal said that the low cost device will run on Google's Android operating system, despite the company's close partnership with Microsoft Corp and its competing Windows system.

This comes after the announcement made in September 2013 about Microsoft almost completing a €5.44bn acquisition of Nokia.

The handset division of Nokia is in the final stages of being acquired by Microsoft. The same division will launch the new low-cost Smartphone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the report added.

Both companies declined to make any comments regarding the matter. The new device will be aimed at emerging markets and will not include all of Google's higher-end, custom Android features.

Microsoft struggled to make its way in a market dominated by Samsung's Android devices and Apple's iPhone. According to Strategy Analytics, 79 percent of Smartphones shipped worldwide in 2013 ran on Android, 15 percent were running Apple's iOS and only 4 percent ran Windows Phone software.