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Mount Faber Singapore

Mount Faber, Singapore is also named as Telok Blangah Hill. The hill is located at about 106 meters high from the sea level. Mount Faber falls under Bukit Merah Planning area of the central region.

Mount Faber of Singapore is one of the popular tourist destinations. The destination is well -known for its picturesque view of the state and the tower of cable car. The tourists visit and enjoy the tranquility of the place that rejuvenates their senses.

Mount Faber of Singapore is the place where the tourists can take the cable car, as the Mount possesses a tower that connects the Harbour Front and Sentosa Island. Singapore is the place where various topographical features can be seen and enjoyed.

The fast and cheap communication had made the mount easily accessible for the travelers and for the locals as well.

The city lights that can be seen from the top of the mount create a charming ambience. Mount Faber was renamed after Captain Charles Edward Faber of Madras. Apart from tourist attractions the mount is also know for its peculiar geographical features. The vegetation of the hill is rainforest that is less dense than Bukit Timah Hill and Bukit Gombak..

This vegetation on the slope helps to stabilise the terrain besides beautifying the park. Arenga palms and Rhododendrons can be seen alongside the planted Bougainvilleas and Red Flame, Cassia fistula and Alstonia trees.

Mount Faber is a must visit tourist destination that will add a new dimension to your trip to Singapore.