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Leon Lai sings about his failed marriage

Rumour has it that Leon Lai's new Mandarin single, "I Can Forget You" has been written especially for the heavenly king's ex-wife, Gaile Lok.

The singer, who has been staying out of the spotlight, released the single on March 26, five months after announcing his separation with his wife of four years.

While Gaile formally responded to the media regarding their divorce in October, Leon has refused to comment on the matter and it was speculated that "I Can Forget You" is his way of telling his side of the story.

As reported on Jayne Stars website, in his first music release since 2011, Leon sang about his regrets, with lyrics saying, "hurting only you/ I was selfish and cruel", and wished his ex-wife happiness, singing, "You peacefully live on/ and I will quietly survive."

"I Can Forget You" is written by Cheung Cho Kiu of Baron Music and composed by Leon's good friend, Ronald Ng.

Gaile's good friend, Adrienne Lau, recently revealed that the supermodel "always gave in to Leon" during their marriage.

She expressed that divorce was not on Gaile's cards but the latter had no choice as she felt that her marriage was unsalvageable.

An insider in the entertainment industry further revealed that Leon wanted to base his career in Beijing as he has a new love interest there. For Gaile, that was the straw that broke the camel's back.