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Arts House at the Old Parliament

Many people have the perception that Singapore lacks arts and history, but in reality there are many beautiful things on this island.

Old Parliament House in Singapore is one of the main architectures in Singapore. The building is now renamed as Arts House at the Old Parliament. It is also known as the multi disciplinary house as this house is allotted for all kinds of art and cultural shows. The building was the Parliament House of Singapore from the year 1965 to 1999. The building experienced various political ups and downs of the state.

A Scottish merchant named John Argyle Maxwell owned the building. The building gained its special identity as the governmental house in August 1965 and was renamed as the Parliament House.

The architecture and its valuable articles give a different dimension to the construction. The bronze elephant at the front gate is the identity of the monument. The king of Siam that is modern Thailand gifted the significant elephant.

In the year 2004, the Art House at the Old Parliament House was opened as the heritage centre of Singapore. There are various galleries that organize various art and sculpture exhibitions. The interior of the building shows the true spirit of western art in Singapore. The library and the glass hall are the most significant attractions of the monument.

 The Old Parliament House in Singapore is a must visit for every tourist. The exhibition and the shows held in the Old Parliament House embody a culture that is uniquely Singaporean.