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Apps that drain your phone's battery

Whether you’re an Android or an Apple user you surely have this problem with your battery.

Most users are constantly complaining about the fact that their phone let’s them down too fast. The truth is that the apps that you are downloading are getting more sophisticated and this shortens the life of the battery.

You don’t have to give up on your apps but try following 3 simple steps in maintaining you battery longer. Try to keep the location service off until you actually need it, avoid apps with lots of advertisements, like games and keep your 3G or 4G and Wi-Fi off when you’re not using them.

An app that is draining your phone’s battery is none other than Facebook. Because the application refreshes even if running in background, it uses an excessive amount of battery life. 15 minutes spent on Facebook, leaving out the videos, take 5 MB of data.

Maps are also in the top apps that suck the life of your battery. Google Maps for example is the biggest consumer and can destroy the battery if you constantly use the GPS location service. 10 minutes on Google Maps can eat 6 MB of data.

The camera is also using a lot of battery life and if you forget to turn off the geo location when you are taking pictures you might find yourself without any battery left.

The Weather app is working on the same principle as Facebook. It refreshes, even if in background, every time you change location.

Skype and Twitter are also running in the background and quickly drain the battery, if not turned off.

Last, but not least, we have the free games. They come with advertising and the 3D graphics and pop-up advertising of other games are causing battery to wear out.