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An unusual asteroid could destroy the Earth in 2880

According to recent findings, an asteroid that breaks the laws of physics could destroy life on Earth on March 16, 2880.

American Researchers made ​​this discovery and found that the asteroid is spinning so fast around its axis that it should self-destroy. However, it remains intact and continues its journey, and this might be explained by the existence of cohesive forces known as "van der Waals forces."

The asteroid is about one kilometer in diameter and makes a full rotation in two hours and six minutes. Scientists have wondered why it doesn’t destroy itself and how the entire phenomenon can be explained.

"We found that 1950 DA rotates faster than the limit calculated for density decay," said Ben Rozītis member of the research team. "In these conditions, if only gravity is what holds together this pile of rocks, as is generally believed, should actually disintegrate. Conclusion, cohesion forces occurring between particles should be responsible for the entire structural asteroid, "said the researcher.

In addition, this asteroid shows a negative gravity, meaning that, when an astronaut would go down on its surface he would be thrown into space.

No solution was found to prevent the impact, yet, and some of them can have negative effects. With hundreds of years ahead, researchers are confident that they will find the appropriate method to prevent the destruction of Earth.