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Amazing Benefits of Honey

Can the sweet liquid produced by bees help us maintain our health?

Possible health benefits have been documented since Early Greek, Roman and Islamic texts and all the way back to ancient time, scientists referred to the healing qualities of honey.

Honey contains about 70 to 80 percent sugar, giving its sweet taste, high levels of monosaccharides, fructose and glucose and minerals with water complete the rest of its composition.

The sweet nectar has antiseptic and antibacterial properties and now it is used in chronic wound management. A review published in The Cochrane Library showed that honey may help in healing burns - "topical honey is cheaper than other interventions, notably oral antibiotics, which are often used and may have other deleterious side effects."

Honey can help with coughs and throat irritation. A study conducted on 110 children, one dose of buckwheat honey was just as effective as a single dose of cough medicine in relieving nocturnal cough and allowing them to sleep well.

Some researches say that honey can also be useful in minimizing seasonal allergies. A placebo study including 36 people with ocular allergies, found that participants responded better to treatment with honey compared to placebo.

In 2010, scientists from the Academic Medical Center at the University of Amsterdam reported that honey has the ability to kill bacteria thanks to a protein called defensin-1 and another study showed that Manuka honey is affective in treating chronic wounds infections and a previous consumption may even prevent them from developing.

Research is always finding new possible uses of honey in treating certain conditions and diseases.