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5 Reasons We Love Singapore

1. The great food 

On any given night when we want to eat out, it's a struggle to decide which of our favorite restaurants we want to go to, or if we'll try something completely new because in Singapore you can find a great variety of restaurants. If you truly want to sample Singapore’s food culture, head to any of the hawker centers in the heartlands, there’s a huge variety of stalls there at dirt-cheap prices.

2. The best airport in the world

When it comes to the airport, Singapore doesn't have to strive to become the best; they already are.  The pearl of Singapore's eastern end, voted best airport by more magazines and organizations than anywhere else. There's a great transit hotel in the form of the Hotel Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, an orchid garden complete with a koi pond, free video games and movies 24 hours a day and free wireless internet throughout the airport.

3. Very safe city 

Singapore has a crime rate so low, school children can still walk home by themselves without their parents fearing they will be kidnapped.  Women can walk around after dark.  There are no bands of roaming gypsy children to pick your pockets. You don’t expect to get mugged or knifed at 3am in our darkest alleys.

4. Good shopping

There are so many places to shop in Singapore: you can buy almost anything, from designer clothes to fake rolexes. The best thing to buy are the electronic goods, which usually come ready to use in any country of the world, which means dual voltage and multi-system. 

5. Natural disaster-free and predictable weather

Owing to our geographic location, Singapore is sheltered from most of the natural disasters that afflict neighboring countries and the rest of the world. Singapore’s weather is decisive. It’s either bright sunshine and blaring heat, or pouring like the world is about to end. Either way, it’s always warm, so its much easier to get dressed.